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How do you Compare to your Peers?

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Government salaries can obviously vary from place to place. A majority of positions are set at a certain range with a certain number of steps. When was the last time you reviewed your salary in comparison with your peers? If it has been more than a couple years, you might want to take a peek. The information I have provided contains max yearly salary as of June 2022. The list is compiled by population size. If the city you are looking at as a "zero" in the salary range, it means that a salary could not be identified because the information was not readily available or easily searchable from your website or budget document.

I debated on how far to go down the list. Do I stop at 10,000 or 5,000? Well, the world wide web gave me a clear answer by the time I got down to about 6,000 in population. This was about a natural break in the data becoming more difficult to find online for more cities. If you have information for a certain city that is not listed, I am happy to add your city to the list. Please email me at

I hope you find this information useful. It is merely meant as a data collection opportunity and I thought it would be worth sharing for those that may not have time to collect this data or for those that cannot afford or do not have time to pay a consultant to research this information. Please do not hesitate to email and ask any questions.

Salary, as all of us know, is just one item in the total compensation package that an organization can offer. However, many would argue that it is the most important or heavily weighted option for folks looking at other opportunities. I hope this information is helpful to you!

Finance Director Salaries (4)
Download XLSX • 14KB

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